Vision Game


Vision Engine’s goal is to help gaming development teams in every stage of production, starting from development, through our SDK and know-how, to funding, with our crowdfunding platform, all the way to user engagement, thanks to features like user registration and onboarding, real-time multiplayer and more directly integrated into the SDK itself. Partners/Backers: HUOBI Ventures, Solanium, OIG, DCI, Legion Ventures, EX Network Capital, X21, Kangaroo Capital, Alves Ventures, Black Dragon. Advisors: We’re currently nearing the end of our private round, with a strong team of advisors including DCI Capital, Dan from NetVRK, Eric from ExNetwork Capital, Kelvin member of Enjinstarter and co-founder of Federated Ventures, Max Dier of Mantra Dao, Orion Depp of Master Ventures and Youngsung from Axis Labs.