Tribe Land


🎉Welcome to the world of TribeLand! 🦖Tribeland is a MMORPG Play-to-earn Metaverse that will take players back to the land lost in time, where humankind and beasts walk the Earth together. Mages, barbarians and primordial creatures will go through ongoing conflicts, to conquer territories, resources and mystic powers. 🎯As a prehistoric human being, players will have the ability to conquer territories, build their own tribes, tame gigantic beasts, learn mythical spells, and most importantly, turn resources into digital assets! 💯While enjoying the world of TribeLand, Players also have multiple ways of earning, listed below: 👉Selling many different kinds of NFTs found during gameplay. 👉Taming Beasts and selling them off. 👉Building territory and providing other players unique features with a fee 👉Build up strength and compete in tournaments and win prizes.