Paragen is a metaverse Based Launchpad and world comprising of three phases : • 1st phase: the launchpad and Incubation program focused on initial metaverse, initial game and initial NFT offerings with land sales to be multichain with all evm compatible launching chains. (Solana and terra integration to come at a later stage). • 2nd Phase: in built integrated NFT marketplace at no charge for the buyer and a 2% fee charged to the seller (cheaper than most – opensea is 12%). An nft aggregator also to be built and integrated into the paragen world. • 3rd Phase: Open Metaverse World – in the metaverse you will be able to enjoy watching projects launch their ido in it, interact with other users as well as do daily activities and achievements in the world to earn free whitelist spots/nfts etc. You will be able check your whitelist status, view nft galleries in the Arts Meuseum, purchase them via open live auctions in the metaverse competing against others in order to outbid each other for selected nfts each fortnight, and more. Partners & Backers Wealth Union, Origin Ventures, Qu Ventures, Alpha Capital, DCI, Skyman Ventures, OIG, Luthra Capital, and Mooncarl