Hepton is a layer 2 blockchain that aims to solve the Ethereum scalability trilemma. Hepton PoS is EVM-based and Hepton Standra is an upgraded version of zKRollup into zkEVM, a linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security. The network aims to onboard billions of daily users and numerous dApps to Web 3.0 in the future. Hepton’s smart contract platforms are deployed in developer and user-friendly programming languages – Solidity & Vyper


Partners & Investors




Website Launch – The official website for Hepton that consisting a set of information related to the commercialization of Hepton.

Testnet Launch Hepton PoS Testnet will be available for public access (https://testnet.heptonscan.com).

Alpha Mainnet Test – Open for internal developers, partners, auditors, and third-party developers to access.


Deploying Pegged Token – Deploy HTE-Pegged on Ethereum and Arbitrum for funding round purposes while testing the ERC-20 pegged token on Hepton PoS.

Private Sale – Conducting Private Funding from Institutional and Angel investors.

Public Sale – Conducting Public Funding through IDO and SHO.

IEO – Conducting another round of funding through IEO.


Project launch – HTE will be launched on both Centralize Exchange and Decentralize Exchange.

Validators Calling – Promote Hepton PoS to validators entity and partnered with node service providers i.e Omnia Protocol, Alchemy, and Infura.

Mainnet Launch – Launch our mainnet (beta) and open a liquidity bridge from Ethereum and Arbitrum to Hepton PoS.

Grant Program – Conducting a grant program for promoting Hepton PoS to innovators and developers.

ZK-Rollup Project Paper – We will publish the Hepton STANDRA first version of lightpaper.


Team Members