Deep Blue Sea


Deep blue sea is a naval GameFi of SLG theme. The game mode is combined with play to earn and which is deployed in the Binance Smart Chain. Deep Blue Sea aims to bring something new to BSC. Thanks to the play-to-earn mechanism, more sources of income will be available for players rather than the boring “farm” alone. They will be free to choose their favorite multiplayer battlefield and gain more benefits by NFTs matching and technology. Deep Blue Sea has 90+ warships and 150+ kinds of officer operator equipment, all of which have unique attributes. The matching is ever-changing when the warships and equipment are matched with ships of different types and force levels. New ships and officer will be developed later. Player’ independent construction of ships, naval battle map DIY and other functions will be launched consecutively. The distinctive economic system can enable infinite circulation of a strict amount of tokens and maximize the protection of the ecological health of the game.


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